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Cerec 3D - CROWNS in A DAY!


Using the latest in CAD/CAM technology, All Ceramic crowns, veneers and fillings can be produced and fittted in a single appointment, which means that there is no need for messy impressions, temporary fittings or a second visit with injections.


The process is simply achieved within a 1-2 hour visit, with striking results.


  • Pros:  Convenience and time saving; Immediate results; All Ceramic materials so   highly aesthetic; Costs less than an equivalent laboratory made crown


  • Cons: NONE! (apart from a slightly longer visit to the practice but you can stretch your legs, read the paper or carry on with your work on your laptop or tablet device, whilst the restoration is being processed)

Making an appointment:


Tel: +442084222120


You can also use our contact form.

If you are a registered patient, you may be able to book an appointment online by using the link sent with your reminder


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